Plastic, Ceramic, And Drug Carriers

Plastic, Ceramic, And Drug CarriersSingle Screw Extrusion and Twin Screw Extrusion are two different types of extrusion processes that are commonly used to create various products. Generally, various polymeric materials are extruded by these processes. Among a number of extrusion materials, Plastics, Ceramics, and Drug Carriers are also the most popular ones. In plastic extrusion, plastic chips or pellets are the commonly used materials that are in general dried in a hopper, before being send to the feed screw. The combination of shear heating andheating elements from extrusion screw is used to heat the polymer resin to the molten state.

With the effect of screw, the resin is forced through die, which forms the resin into the shape desired. As the extrudate is pulled through the water tank or die, it gets cooled & solidified. In particular cases like fibre-reinforced tubes, the the extrudate gets pulled through an extremely long die as a part of process called pultrusion. A wide range of polymers are used to produce plastic tubing, rails, seals, pipes, rods and sheets or films.

In the plastic extrusion process, various machines and equipment are used that are based on latest extrusion technology. Some of these machines / equipment are PP-HDPE Raffia Tape Line, Extrusion Lamination Coating Plant, PET / PP and HDPE Box Strapping Plant, PP-HDPE Mono Filament Plant, Synthetic String Plant, and Plastic Re-Processing Plant. There are various plastic extrusion machinery manufacturers, who are into the business of developing these machines / equipment. You can acquire the best plastic extrusion equipment, by simply selecting the ideal machine(s) / equipment that suits your requirements.

Plastic, Ceramic, And Drug CarriersApart from plastics, there are couple of other common extrusion materials namely Ceramic and Drug Carriers. Ceramics can be formed into a number of shapes from the process of extrusion. Pipes are produced by the process of Terracotta Extrusion whereas various modern bricks are manufactured by using a Brick Extrusion Process.

Drug Carriers

Extrusion when carried out through nano-porous, polymeric filters is used for manufacturing suspensions of lipid vesicles liposomes or Transfersomes for usage in pharmaceutical products. For instance, the process of extrusion is used to formulate the anti-cancer drug Doxorubicin in liposome delivery system.