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Warm Extrusion

Warm extrusion is generally done when it is required to acquire a proper balance of all the requisite forces, final extrusion properties, and ductility. This process Warm Extrusionis carried out with the assistance of skilled and knowledgeable personnel, who use innovative techniques and best quality Extrusion Machines to create the required parts or objects. By using Warm Extrusions Equipments, the extrusion ratio may become very high but the best part is that it still produces high quality extrusions parts. The extrusion ratio can be easily defined as the beginning cross-sectional area divided by the final extrusion's cross-sectional area.

The hollow cavities present in the extruded aluminum or other extruded material cannot be developed with the use of simple flat extrusion die, as there is no way to provide the support to the die center barrier. Alternatively, the die takes the shape of that of a block having depth, starting with such shape profile which provides the support to the center section. Then, internally the die shape morphs along its length and takes the final shape, with back of the die providing support to the suspended center pieces.

Warm extrusion process is carried out above the room temperature, but below the material's recrystallization temperature. Generally, the temperature ranges from 800 to 1800 °F (424 to 975 °C).A brief of the extrusion technology or the extrusion process is as follows:
  • The stock material is heated
  • The heated material is loaded into the container in the press
  • Dummy block is placed behind it. Here the ram presses onto the material and pushes it out of the die
  • Then, the extrusion is stretched to straighten it
  • For better properties, it may be heat treated or cold worked
One of the products that is formed by using warm extrusion is Aluminum Extruded Tubing. It is a hollow linear aluminum product, which is cylindrical in most cases. But, aluminum rectangular tubing and aluminum square tubing is also developed for various specialty applications like building supplies and aluminum Warm Extrusiondownspouts. Extruded Aluminum Tubings are formed when the aluminum is extruded through a die. Aluminum Extruding Tubing is used in various applications such as:
  • Mining equipment
  • Hardware joints
  • Fluid and gas transport
  • Light building frames
  • Structural applications
  • Lighting fixtures
  • Light poles
  • Heat transfer & heat shield applications.

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